Lighting? Yeah, we have a relationship but it’s complicated….

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Posted on 9th January 2015

Up-lighters, down lighters, ceiling lights, the basic problems of lighting a room is daunting from the off, but there is one fundamental rule. Work to the strengths of the room.

There are three types of light:

  • ‘Ambient general lighting’ which takes the place of daylight.
  • ‘Task lighting’ for specific jobs such as reading, preparing food, putting on make-up or shaving.
  • ‘Accent lighting,’ this lends texture, focus and shape to a room’s special features or adds interest to specific areas.

Before you use a lighting impulsively, take the time to look at the room in the daytime and again in the evening with all the lights off. See where natural light falls and utilise it. The creative use of strategically placed and aesthetically pleasing mirrors can reflect light around a room adding depth and warmth to otherwise dull corner or areas. Once done, look for those weak spots where light needs to live and select how you want to execute your project.

  • Do you want to make your room feel taller? Look at up-lighters to bounce light off the ceiling.
  • Do you want to accentuate areas? Place lamps in each corner of the room.
  • Do you want cosy? Use table a lamp or maybe group them. Keep light off the ceiling them
  • Do you want a reading light? Think about how the light streams into the room and other peoples space.

Not only is light a mood changer, it can also make rooms feel larger but the culprit for a badly lit room may not simply be down to your lamps. Look at your window treatments and be critical. Are your drapes too heavy, does the track or curtain pole allow your curtains back far enough to allow natural light in? Maybe think about tie-backs?

You can transform a room with the simple flick of a switch if you simply remember; lighting is King.