Embrace the wind of change……

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Posted on 9th January 2015

There is always time for change, a time to look at your tired cushions and feel their cries for help, look at your drapes and stop telling them to pull themselves together and help them work with in their environment. And, is it finally time to freshen that comfy old sofa with a reupholster in some beautiful new material? There are a ton of places you can get inspiration for a new fresh look, The Designers Guild has a stunning rage which will inspire as do the inspirational wallpapers collections from Cole & Son and so much more.

There’s a wonderful range of Interior Design magazines available from Ideal Home Magazine to Elle Decoration all full to the brim with ideas waiting to inspire you. I promise you, pick one up and you will get lost in its pages. Whilst she may have been talking about brand rather than interior design, Alina Wheeler hit the nail on the head by stating, “Design is intelligence made visible”.  That is so true. Alina’s web page is full of colour and verve and really inspired me, it made me question the colours in my lounge! What she says to me is that your home is a statement, it’s an expression of who you are but sometimes it is hard to get those expressions out. Oasis Interior Design has the experience and knowledge to help you cut through the jungle of information, to decipher the matrix and make sure you get that look you have been after for so long, from a cushion right through to our interior design consultation.

So, breathe deeply, grab that vision in your head with both hands, embrace your new look and don’t be afraid to let the spring breeze blow gently through your home.

Happy interior designing!